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NESTLÉ® CERELAC® banana berry jelly balls


160 ml NESTLÉ® CERELAC® Regular
30 ml Blueberries
30 ml Ground almonds
160 ml NESTLÉ® CERELAC® Strawberry
3 Strawberries
100 g Plain yoghurt
1 Ripe Banana

Step by step
  •  Wash, remove stems & mash the strawberries

  • Wash & mash the blueberries

  • Peel, cut & mash the banana

  • Mix all in a bowl

  • Stir in the yoghurt and mix again

  • Gradually add the NESTLÉ® CERELAC®

  • If the mixture is too sticky add a little more NESTLÉ® CERELAC®

  • For the coating:


    • 8. Mix the NESTLÉ® CERELAC® & ground almonds
    • 9. Take teaspoonful of the mixture and
    • roll into bite-sized balls
    • 10. Roll the jelly balls in the mixture