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More than just a meal


Stage 1

From 6 months onwards, when your baby is ready to be introduced to solids it is important to start with a single grain. Nestlé NESTUM® single grain baby cereals are finely textured making them easy for your baby to swallow and come in 4 different flavours:


Stage 2

From 7 months onwards, add more flavour to allow your little one to explore new tastes with yummy flavours. Nestlé NESTUM® is made with ingredients that provide an exciting taste exploration for your baby. Available in 2 different variants:


Stage 3

Add texture to your baby’s foods from 9 months onwards. Nestlé NESTUM® baby cereals include more texture to facilitate chewing. A mixture of ingredients ensures that your baby learns to appreciate more complex tastes and the variety helps her to develop balanced eating habits. Flavours include: