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PLAYING: The Third Month of Pregnancy

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The Third Month of Pregnancy

With your baby’s heart beating well on its own, your little one will experience rapid growth this month. Read more about weeks 9-12 of your pregnancy below.  

2 mins to read Mar 15, 2022

Week 9

How is baby developing? 

Baby’s muscles and limbs continue to grow, and genitalia begin to develop (although you will likely not be able to tell whether they’re a boy or a girl just yet!). Your little one will experience a more rapid body growth, including an enlarging of the head, development of eyelids, and lengthening of the legs.

How is your body changing? 

Your blood volume will increase, and you may feel fatigue, nausea, and some dizziness. This will subside and is completely normal while you are growing a whole human being inside of you!

Week 10

How is baby developing?

Your baby is now approximately the size of plum and reaching the final stages of being an embryo! Nerve cells form neural connections in the brain, most joints will form, and tooth buds will begin forming inside the mouth in preparation for baby teeth!

How is your body changing?

You may still be experiencing feelings of fatigue and sickness but hang tight! These should begin to subside over the next few weeks.

Week 11

How is baby developing?

Baby is officially a fetus, relinquishing their ‘embryo’ status this week! Fingernails begin to appear, brain and spinal nerves continue to connect, and your baby will become more active as they gain the ability to swallow and kick.

How exciting! How is your body changing?

Your uterus will continue to expand this week, filling your pelvis, as your waist also grows. You may notice the formation of a dark vertical line on your abdomen. This is due to hormone changes, should fade after pregnancy, and is normal!

Week 12

How is baby developing? 

As you reach the end of your 1st trimester, your baby has developed a beautiful face – complete with a tiny nose and chin! At approximately 8cm long, your little one has almost doubled in size over the last few weeks. Excitingly, should your baby be a boy, this could be noticeable on an ultrasound around this time, so you may be able to tell the sex of your baby!

How is your body changing? 

Thankfully, your nausea and fatigue may begin to subside this week. Due to increased blood volume, your skin may appear flushed and plump giving you that pregnancy ‘glow’! However, some women experience acne during this time, but this is usually temporary. At this stage, you will notice more prominent weight gain in your hips, legs, and sides.