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Checklist - maternity ward suitcase

*Check whether the maternity ward has a list of the items you will need.

Items for hospital stay

5 mins to read Dec 13, 2017
  • Birth plan
  • Pyjamas with front opening for breastfeeding.
  • Dressing gown and slippers.
  • Pair of warm socks – feet get cold.
  • Disposable panties.
  • Maternity pads.
  • Linen savers
  • Feeding bras.
  • Breast pads.
  • Basic toiletries.
  • Hair necessities.
  • Cosmetics. (Lip balm to moisten lips).
  • Face cloth and towel.
  • Travelling detergent to wash underclothes (optional).
  • Tissues.
  • Reading materials.
  • Ipod/music.
  • Watch with a second hand.
  • Camera/video camera.
  • Tennis ball for back labour (for massage).
  • Ice back for back labour.
  • Telephone numbers and addresses of family and friends.
  • Plastic bags for sending washing home.
  • Water spray – to freshen up.
  • Drinking water.
  • Labour oil for massage.
  • Natural sponge for sips of water.
  • Thermos with ice chips.
  • Notebook and pen to make notes and record contractions.
  • Mirror to watch the head crowning, if you wish.

Because labour can be slow, your partner might want to pack a bag too. Things they may want to consider packing are toothpaste, a change of clothes, some snacks to keep them going, a camera and a book or magazine.

Going home
Pack a small case, with a change of clothes for yourself (a comfortable outfit) and your baby, that your partner can bring along when collecting you from the hospital.