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Personal considerations

You may need to consider some personal issues before you become pregnant.

1 min to read Nov 7, 2017

Your marriage

  • Stability of your relationship.
  • Readiness for the responsibility of parenting.
  • Your and your partner’s age.

It is important to remember that most couples do not become pregnant instantly and conception can often take up to six months to achieve. Do not let the planning of pregnancy or timing of ovulation create stress within your relationship as it is important to enjoy the process and time with your partner.

Your support system

  • Family and friends who can support you emotionally and practically.
  • Professional support.

Your finances

  • Additional costs of a baby.
  • Loss of income.
  • Maternity benefit.
  • Medical aid, hospital plan or insurance policy.


  • Career adjustments.
  • Options for returning to work, such as maternity leave, childcare facilities, flexibility of time constraints.


  • Shared views of parenting issues, such as discipline, education and religion.

If single

  • Full impact of emotional and financial responsibility.
  • Parenting role of father.
  • The previous factors mentioned are even more relevant if you are single.