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General tips for your 1st trimester

Pregnancy can be scary, especially for first-time moms! Read below for some helpful tips to keep in mind during your 1st trimester.

2 mins to read Mar 15, 2022

1. Balanced nutrition is important during pregnancy. A common misconception is that pregnant women must ‘eat for 2’. This is not the case! Maintaining a diet of high quality and nutrient-rich foods – such as wholegrains, fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, and dairy – will assist with the extra nutritional needs your body and baby require.

2. Less stress is for the best! Baby’s heartbeat is already fast, potentially reaching 160 bpm, and any stress you may experience can cause it to increase even more. Try to rest, take it easy, and relax during your pregnancy when and where possible.

3. It is advisable not to consume alcohol during your pregnancy as it can cross the placenta and negatively impact your baby. If you have a drink or two before you realize you are pregnant, it is not likely that baby will be affected. For the remainder of your pregnancy, however, no alcohol is the best policy!