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PLAYING: Why do we introduce solids to a babys diet

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Why do we introduce solids to a babys diet

About halfway through the first year of life, babies begin to outgrow their liquid diet, which no longer supply them with enough nutrients to support their rate of growth. It is important to introduce complementary foods according to the growth and developmental needs of individual babies.

5 mins to read Nov 22, 2017

Start with gentle soft foods, such as Nestlé NESTUM or Nestlé CERELAC® baby cereals, at around six months of age. Use this period to train and adapt your baby’s taste to semi-solid foods, before such foods become essential for continued growth and development.
Introducing solids too early or too late is undesirable. Starting too early may lead to allergies and overfeeding, whilst starting too late may lead to malnutrition and difficulty in adapting to solid foods.

This phase of childhood nutrition is a time of transition from a liquid diet to soft foods, finger foods and finally, to family foods.