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PLAYING: Setting the stage for his first taste

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Setting the stage for his first taste

Here are a few tips for getting your baby ready to take that first spoonful of baby food.

5 mins to read Nov 24, 2017
  • Take your time. Choose a time of day you do not have to rush.
  • Choose the appropriate spoon. Use a small baby-sized spoon that’s coated to protect your baby’s tender gums.
  • Sit her in an upright infant seat or high chair, making sure head is in an upright position, not tilted back.
  • Let her explore. Place a dab of puree or cereal on her high chair tray so he can “finger paint” with it and become familiar with its texture. Let her explore the feel and smell of the food. This is both fun and messy! Keep your sense of humour and keep the camera handy for pictures.
  • First Bite! Sit facing your baby and hold the half-spoonful of food about 20 centimetres from her face. Get her attention and put the spoon up to her mouth. For the first bite, try putting a dab of food on her lip. If she’s agreeable to that first taste, put the next bite into her mouth when she opens it. Feed your baby as slowly or as rapidly as she wants and always look for her fullness cues. It’s all about the experience!
  • Try, try again. Don’t be surprised if your baby’s first taste pops right back out. It’s a natural reflex. If your baby seems unhappy about this experience, give it up for now and try again later.