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PLAYING: At seven to eight months

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At seven to eight months

Look out, baby’s on the move!

Your baby starts moving around in his own fashion. He may crawl, usually backwards first, using one arm or leg, or drag himself along. Some babies roll over and over to where they want to be, others shuffle while sitting.
Baby’s personality really shines through at this stage, along with a desire to explore anything and everything. For parents, this is the time to put extra focus on baby’s safety and ensure childproofing measures are in place.

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You have developed a strong bond, so baby may cry when left with other caregivers. Baby may also cry when hearing another baby cry. He may cough or make noise to attract attention.

daily (approx.)
14-15 hrs
Will probably take 2 naps during the day.


Babies who eat a variety of food will pass stools that vary in colour and consistency. New foods such as fruits and vegetables may result in softer stools of different colours. For example, a baby who eats green vegetables may pass green stools.


  • Reaches for food and shows excitement when hungry.
  • Can chew and mash food with gums.
  • Bats spoon away from mouth when full.


  •  Starts to crawl with stomach off of floor; sits upright without support; may be able to pull self to standing.
  • By 8 months: can roll both ways (front to back and back to front); supports whole body weight on legs; controls upper body and arms.
  • Begins to self-feed finger foods and manipulate objects (e.g. spoon).


  • Tries to find objects you have hidden.
  • Connects animals with actions and sounds (e.g. meow, bark).
  • Develops stronger memory skills.
  • Starts to see cause and effect (e.g. things fall when dropped).


  • New mobility piques curiosity and increases exploration of world.
  • Don’t keep him propped up in a chair all day – Encourage free play on the floor.
  • Begins showing emotions such as affection, anger, joy or fear.
  • Responds when other people express emotions.


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