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Reducing the risk of allergy

There is an increased risk of allergy when solids are introduced too early, i.e. before
6 months. A baby’s immune system may react to proteins found in foods other than her milk feed (breast milk or infant formula).

These reactions may trigger allergic responses in the baby, which may present as eczema, diarrhoea or vomiting. When one or both parents have a family history of allergies, there is a higher risk of their baby developing an allergy.

2 mins to read Nov 22, 2017
  • It is best to delay the introduction of solids to as close to six months as possible.
  • When introducing solid foods, introduce one food at a time over a period of
  • 3–5 days.
  • When introducing allergenic food (Allergenic foods:Cow’s milk/goat’s milk,Eggs,Citrus fruit,Fish,Peanuts,Peanut butter) types, discuss this first with your healthcare professional.

Note: New data is always rapidly available, so if there is a history of allergy in a family it is highly recommended to consult your doctor or dietician for the most recent recommendations.