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PLAYING: The birth of an iconic brand

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The birth of an iconic brand

The birth of an iconic brand conquering the world


Henri Nestlé knew that: ‘It is not enough to make the product; you also have to get it known and approved by Doctors and the general public.’ So, he decided to put his name on his product, along with the bird and nest logo – creating the iconic brand we know today. His dedication and passion did not go unnoticed – Henri gained recognition and endorsement for his product from the medical community.

5 mins to read Jan 20, 2018

The news spread like wildfire. Henri Nestlé realised that his product could truly help infants everywhere. Nestlé Infant Cereals were soon being used throughout Europe and then the entire world, establishing its position as global pioneer in Infant Nutrition – a role Nestlé continues to champion today.

Leading the way with ground breaking innovations

Nestlé’s passion for innovation is legendary: vitamins were added to the Infant Cereals in the 1920s, the same year their discovery was awarded a Nobel Prize, and decades before they became mandatory.

In the 1940s Nestlé used the latest technology to develop an ‘instant’ recipe, making the product even more convenient and easy to prepare.