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PLAYING: First spoonfeeding experience

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First spoonfeeding experience

Choose a spoon that is small and smooth-edged. You may find plastic or rubberised spoons easier to use.

5 mins to read Jan 20, 2018



Hold a tiny spoon to the baby’s lips and let him suck off the content. He will get enough to taste and, if he likes it, he will go on eating.



Do not put the food on the front of your baby’s tongue, as it will simply dribble out again. He cannot push back far enough to taste or swallow. You will both be frustrated.



Do not put too much food on the spoon or put it too far back in your baby’s mouth. This forces him to swallow with no chance to refuse the food and he may gag.



Do not force him to eat. Let him suck the food from the spoon. Stop feeding if the taste makes him cry or when his closed lips say ‘enough’.

How much should I feed my baby?

  • Many mothers ask this question, but absolute quantities are not helpful.
    Each baby will eat according to her growth rate. It is important to understand your baby’s behaviour, which will show you when she has had enough.
  • She is likely to eat more than she needs, if the food is flavoured with extra sugar, butter or salt.
    It is important to know when to start and when to stop feeding. You baby’s behaviour will show you when she is satisfied.