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Choosing a caregiver

Choosing a caregiver

As prospective parents, you should carefully investigate and consider the options available to you.

1 min to read Nov 7, 2017

Consider where you wish to give birth to the baby, who will care for you during your pregnancy and the financial implications of your choice. Regular medical check-ups and good care throughout pregnancy will reduce the risks to you and your baby.

State-subsidised hospitals and clinics

  • Obstetrician.
  • Midwife.

Private hospitals and clinics

  • Obstetrician.
  • General practitioner.
  • Midwife.

Home birth

  • Midwife.
  • General practitioner.
  • Obstetrician.

What to ask:

  • Ask the doctor and midwife about their qualifications and experience.
  • Ask about fees charged.
  • Who will respond to your calls when the caregiver is off duty or not on call?
  • Do they have delivery privileges at more than one hospital?
  • Will they consider home birth?

Set up an initial appointment and prepare your screening questions. Time is of the essence during this appointment, so select a few key questions to determine whether or not the caregiver’s philosophy about pregnancy is similar to yours.

Consult the following sources for more information on childbirth education classes: