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PLAYING: The Seventh Month of Pregnancy

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The Seventh Month of Pregnancy

Your pregnancy: weeks 28-31. The changes in your body continue to take place as you enter your third trimester! As baby prepares for its future exit: its eyelids are uncovered and eyelashes have formed, meaning your baby can blink.

2 mins to read Dec 28, 2015

28 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby can now see, though not clearly.

It’s the 28th week and your baby now weighs a little more than a kilogram.  Eyelashes have formed and your baby can blink. The eyes have some amount of vision at this stage and your baby can see, though not clearly. The brain is very active. While the lungs are still immature, they could function independently with medical help if your baby was to be delivered now. The baby’s eyesight is developing bit by bit, but will take a long time even after birth to reach normal vision.


29 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby is now gaining weight rapidly.

Your baby is almost 1.4kg and is about 43 centimetres long. Baby fat increases, changing your baby’s lean look to a more rounded one, making the skin less wrinkled.  The bones and muscles are maturing and your baby continues to gain weight rapidly.


30 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby’s brain develops further.

Your baby is now around 43 centimetres long and weighs about 1.4 kilograms. As it grows in size, the volume of the fluid will gradually reduce.  To accommodate its rapidly growing brain, the head grows in size. Billions of neurons are developing and the body is gaining more fat to help your baby survive outside you.


31 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby now loves to move and kick.

At more than 1.4 kilograms and 43+ centimetres, your baby is about to enter a phase of rapid growth. It can turn its head from side to side and its arms, legs and body are beginning to accumulate fat under the delicate skin. The baby at this stage may move a lot, causing you some discomfort and a whole lot of excitement. This movement is also a sign that the baby is growing normally and is healthy and active.