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Healthy Growth

How a baby is fed may be as important as what foods are offered. Your baby is growing in leaps and bounds. The first year, a baby multiplies his weight by 3 and his size increases by 50%!

1 min to read Nov 24, 2017

Infographic of children's height growth. In the first year they are expected to gain 25cm. In the second and third year 12.5cm and 9cm, respectively. Between the ages of 2-3 years they will reach 50% of their adult height.

Every baby has his own growth rate. This is why it is recommended to note his weight and size every month during his first 3 years

Infographic of children's weight gain. At 6 months they double their initial weight. At 1 year they triple and 2 years they quadruple. If a baby is born with 3kg, at 6 months he will be 6kg, at 1 year he will be 9kg, and at 2 years he will be 12kg.

Follow your baby’s evolution with our developmental milestones.

Babies and toddlers are known to successfully self-regulate the amount of daily energy that they eat, however, this natural ability can be influenced by a parents’ feeding practices.