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Make every bite count


5 mins to read Apr 26, 2016

Small tummy 

Starting your little one on solid foods is quite a milestone! Since his tummy is so small at around six months of age he will only be taking small tastes of foods. Even these beginning bites are important to his development.  He has high needs, but only a small stomach that may be filled quickly.

Breastmilk + solid foods

Your baby will drink as much breastmilk as he needs, and from 6 – 12 months you will see that as his appetite for solid foods increases, and he will consume less breastmilk. Offer him foods that are appropriate for his age/ as recommended by your HCP. Remember to respect his hunger and fullness cues by not pressuring him to eat when he shows you that he is no longer hungry. Another meal will come soon, and your baby may be hungrier at that time.

Solid foods are needed

The introduction of solid foods is not meant to replace breastmilk, but rather as a complement to breastmilk - which is why first foods are often referred to as complementary foods. 
Around six months of age, introduction of appropriate solid foods is important for the following reasons:

  • Teaches baby to eat from a spoon.
  • Introduces baby to flavours and textures to help him learn acceptance of these new foods.
  • Delayed introduction of solid foods may increase the risk of food allergy or eczema; ask your healthcare professional if concerned over introducing foods to your baby.