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Providing there is good weight gain, it is quite normal and common for newborn babies to bring up small amounts of milk after a feed. The valve at the top of the stomach is not fully developed and allows the return of a little milk – this stops as the valve develops. Possetting is normal up to the age of nine months.

5 mins to read Nov 21, 2017
  • Don’t burp him too vigorously and keep him upright for about 20 minutes before putting him down to sleep.
  • Raise the head of the mattress by placing a folded towel underneath it.

Projectile vomiting

  • If persistent projectile vomiting occurs, consult your doctor.

A baby who vomits after feeds but remains a thriving happy child, gaining weight regularly, is doing well. Don’t worry – just protect his and your clothes!

Consult your doctor if your baby seems unwell, especially if the vomiting is accompanied by diarrhoea or a fever.

NOTE: Check your baby’s weight regularly as this will tell you if he is thriving.