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PLAYING: Schedule and routines

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Schedule and routines

Routines are difficult to establish with a new baby. You may feel as if your life revolves around the insatiable needs of your baby.

5 mins to read Nov 21, 2017
  • Babies are individuals with their own temperaments.
  • Babies younger than six months are not usually on a consistent schedule.
  • The newborn sleeps 9–18 hours a day, with 6–8 sleep periods. The sleep and awake-alert periods will increase slowly. Click here to learn more about the six states of sleep and wakefulness.
  • Discourage sleep of more than four hours during the day, to encourage longer sleep at night.
  • Try to guide your baby into a reasonable schedule that suits the needs of the whole family.
  • Breast milk is more easily digested than formula, which often results in shorter sleep periods between feeds.
  • Successful breastfeeding and a good milk supply are enhanced by demand- feeding.
  • Demand-feed until your milk is fully established.

Day/night routine

  • Let your baby sleep where all the action is during the day – Do not close curtains, etc.
  • To encourage your baby to sleep longer at night:

– Feed her promptly when she cries.
– Do not talk
– just do what you have to do.
– Do not turn lights on.
– Do not play with her.