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First teeth! Consult your dentist about fluoride for your child’s teeth. Until a child learns to brush his teeth, the mother must clean them for him.

5 mins to read Nov 21, 2017

Teeth start developing while the baby is in the uterus, and continue until his wisdom teeth appear during his teens. Well-balanced meals during pregnancy create a good base for healthy teeth.

Each baby is an individual with his own teething pattern. The first tooth usually erupts at any time from 5–9 months. There are 20 temporary, or milk teeth – 10 in each jaw. By the age of two-and-a-half a child usually has a full set of milk teeth.

  • Look after the primary teeth well. They make room for the permanent teeth and prevent overcrowding and malpositioning.
  • Clean teeth regularly with a damp cloth for a one-year-old baby. Later, help him to use a toothbrush.
  • Never dip the dummy into anything sweet or give juice or anything sweet at night.
  • Determine the reason if your baby is unwell. No general condition or fever should ever be ascribed to teething.

Development of teeth in babies according to age.