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My newborn

Parent-infant interaction

Interaction with your baby begins before she is born. You usually feel life at about 20 weeks into pregnancy as light, fluttering sensations.

5 mins to read Nov 20, 2017

Awareness of your baby will increase as your pregnancy advances and by the time the baby is born, the bonding process has already begun.

Bonding before birth occurs at a deeply subconscious level, not only for you but also for your partner and other children, if you have any.

Your unborn baby becomes sensitive to your moods, your body rhythms and the sound of your voice.
Babies in the womb respond to music, rhythmic movement, stroking and massage. You can all enjoy communicating with the baby in this way.

The first few hours after birth are special for you, your partner and your baby. If possible, spend them together and share your emotions. Looking, touching and talking all contribute to developing ties that bind.

Although most parents are immediately delighted with their new baby don’t be concerned if it takes you time to feel joy and excitement. So much depends on the events during labour and the birth.

Bonding is a process that develops over a period of time. Not all people fall in love at first sight. The parent-child interaction becomes more intense as your relationship develops.