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Second stage of labour

This stage begins when the cervix reaches complete dilation and effacement, and it ends with the birth of the baby.
Cervical effacement and complete dilation at second stage of labour.

5 mins to read Jan 20, 2018

The contractions are less intense, last 60–75 seconds and are about 3–5 minutes apart. You may feel an urge to bear down at the peak of these contractions.
This stage may last from 10 minutes to 2 hours. Your mood usually improves. You may become more talkative and co-operative. It is usually a tremendous relief to work with the contractions and to push.

As the baby descends you may feel a burning, stretching sensation with a large amount of pressure. Some women experience pain with pushing, but this is usually associated with increased tension, an unrelaxed pelvic floor, unusual presentation of the baby, the position of the mother or a large baby.
Your birth attendant will tell you exactly what to do. Listen, co-operate and try to relax and enjoy the birth of your baby.


Cutting the cord

The cord is usually cut shortly after birth by clamping it in two places and cutting between the clamps.
Note to support person: Second stage

  • Put your arms around her shoulders.
  • Give her your strength through closeness.
  • Help her to relax completely between contractions.

Sharing in the birth of your child is a perfect beginning to your future years together as a family