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PLAYING: At two years

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At two years

The terrific twos and beyond.

Two-year-olds are busy little people. Using their imagination is a favourite new pastime and should be encouraged at every turn. Your toddler is probably walking more easily now, with the inclusion of running in his movement repertoire. Picking up new words and imitating people is also so much fun at this age!

2 mins to read Nov 28, 2017


Starts to put words together; combines phrases such as “want that” and “no more” with gestures and points to objects.

daily (approx.)
12-14 hrs
By 2 years, most children have a 1–2 hour nap after lunch.


Every child is different, but many kids are ready to begin toilet training between the ages of 2 and 4 years. Your little one may be ready if he or she can stay dry in nappies for several hours in a row, follow simple instructions, and walk to the potty. Stay relaxed, patient and positive. It usually takes between 3 to 6 months.


  • Holds and drinks from a cup; chews skilfully and efficiently.
  • Molars are present; uses tongue to clear food from lips.
  • Prefers familiar foods.
  • Uses utensils well.
  • Eats/drinks with minimum spilling.
  • Uses words like “all done” and “no more” when full.


  • Follows simple instructions.
  • Begins to sort by shape and colour.
  • Independence is growing.
  • Completes simple shape-matching puzzles.
  • Turns board-book pages easily one at a time.


  • Copies the behaviour of adults and other children.
  • Gets excited about being with other children.
  • Plays alongside other children.
  • Shows increasing independence; shows defiant behaviour.
  • Begins to play “make-believe”.



It’s unbelievable to think that your little baby is now a little person. A brave little explorer, a great discoverer, a finder of things in the most unlikely places.

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