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Child hygiene

Poor crèche sanitation and hygiene is a major problem in South Africa and remains a high risk area for infection among crèche going children.

5 mins to read May 8, 2018

Many outbreaks of Diarrhoea infections have been associated with Crèches. There are a few things parents can do to improve their children’s hygiene while attending crèches.

Hand Hygiene
When it comes to hand hygiene, hand washing is an integral part of hygiene that parents and day care child minder should teach children from a young age. Hand-washing is a simple activity that takes just a few seconds, but this habit can keep germs and infections away. Washing the hands frequently can decrease illnesses such as in diarrhoea children, as it is often through the hands that harmful microbes enter the body. Improper hand hygiene is one of the main reasons behind diarrhoea among children as well as adults.

Toilet Hygiene
Once your young child becomes toilet-trained, the crèche childminder needs to focus on the habits that the child needs to learn to keep their little parts clean. Parents should also teach their child to wipe thoroughly from front to back with toilet paper after using the toilet. Teach them to continue wiping with fresh toilet paper until it comes out clean. They should also be taught how to flush the toilet. Also, make children wash their hands each time they use the washroom. These healthy habits will help minimize irritation and decrease the chances of infections. Have patience while teaching your child about toileting hygiene, as a lot of children have trouble mastering these habits.