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5 reasons why we use Bifidobacterium lactis

We have loads of good bacteria living in our intestine, and this is good.

5 mins to read Apr 17, 2020

They help with gut health and immune function. Children pick up germs easily, especially when playing with other children and perhaps take the phrase “sharing is caring”, a little too far. Their immune system is still developing. After a bout of ear infections, colds or gastro, you probably feel as if your child is a germ factory. Many of these infections are treated with antibiotics which can disturb healthy gut bacteria.

The good news is that good gut bacteria can help our guts restore their normal function.

What makes good gut bacteria?

1. They are active when consumed.

2. They can survive alongside stomach acid
3. They can attach to the intestine lining.
4. They can multiply in the gut.
5. They must stimulate the immune system.

Bifidobacterium lactis (B. Lactis) is a lactic acid producing bacteria (good gut bacteria) and ticks all the boxes above. This makes it a beneficial ingredient in our fortified drink for children from 3 to 5 years old. It stimulates the immune system, helps prevent infections and helps build a strong foundation for life.

NESTLÉ® NANKID® 4 is a premium drink for children from three years to five years of age. It contains B. lactis, along with OPTIPRO® and Omega Smart to help build a strong foundation for life.

IMPORTANT NOTICE. A-well balanced diet, both during pregnancy and after delivery, helps sustain an adequate supply of breastmilk. Exclusive breastfeeding is recommended during the first 6 months of life followed by the introduction of adequate nutritious complementary foods, along with sustained breastfeeding up to two years of age and beyond.

NESTLÉ® NANKID® 4 is not a breastmilk substitute. As babies grow at different rates, seek advice with your health professionals on the appropriate time when your baby should start receiving this product.


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