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Hospital stay and going home

The average stay in hospital is about three days, if there are no complications. Use the time to rest and gather as much information as possible. Alternatively, you may want to consider early discharge.

1 min to read Nov 15, 2017

Early discharge

If you and your baby are doing well and your choice is to return home within 24 hours after the delivery, it is advisable to have a midwife check on you and your baby daily for the first week. Discuss this option with your caregiver.


  • Financial saving.
  • Shortens your stay, if you dislike being in hospital.
  • Quick return to familiar surroundings.
  • Shortens separation from your other children.


  • Little time for you to learn from the nurses.
  • No expertise at hand in case of complications.
  • You will need help with your baby’s care and the household chores.