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PLAYING: The Power of play based learning: why learning through play is important

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The Power of play based learning: why learning through play is important

2 mins to read Jun 27, 2023

Children understand the world around them through play – with every new experience, they learn something new and as the experiences stack, so do their skills and abilities.

Just like adults, kids learn better when they’re enjoying something. Which is why it’s important to give them the opportunity and environment to enjoy activities that support their developmental needs.

Here’s why learning through play is important for little minds and bodies.

What is play-based learning?

When children play, they get the opportunity to be active, organised, constructive and collaborative, which nurtures their physical, emotional, mental and social needs.

By allowing them to freely explore, investigate, create and pretend, they engage all their senses and interact with different environments, giving them hands-on experience that helps them make sense of the world around them.

The benefits of play-based learning:

  • Playing lets children learn to move and understand what their bodies can do.
    Being active, balancing and lifting things help to strengthen their muscles and bones, practise their physical skills, hone their abilities and build their confidence.
  • Playing lets children use their imagination, reason and problem-solve.
    Being engaged in a fun activity also helps sustain a child’s focus and attention, helping them absorb and retain information better.
  • Playing gives children the opportunity to develop their social skills.
    Helping them build relationships, learn how to interact with others and collaborate to achieve a goal. It also helps them understand and explore their feelings and emotions.

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