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When it's playtime, they are the boss!

At this age, around 3–5 years, your child should be the boss of one thing: playing! Give your child the choice of what to play. After all, they are the one exploring the world, so let them do it in their own way!

We might not realise it, but making their own decisions is a big milestone in a your little one’s journey. Giving them total autonomy to choose will help to develop their identity and support healthy and happy growth.

The first step to help your child discover the world around them is to give them plenty of play time… A full-time dream job!

  • Rather than showing them how to play, let them discover their own way!
  • Pay attention to what they show an interest in. To fully fuel their creativity, give them suitable objects or toys to increase this interest.
  • Every time they achieve something, turn it into an opportunity to praise them!
  • Encourage them verbally. Use phrases such as: “You’re building such a great house! So nice and cosy” or “Who is going to live in your house?” This will build their self-esteem and confidence in a constructive way

Remember everything starts in the tummy…when they feel right, they can enjoy growing up happy!