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What the poop!

Constipation during potty training in young children

Just when you thought your child was making friends with their potty, they’ve suddenly become afraid to sit on it. The last time they tried to poop, it hurt and they’ve decided that the potty is to blame! It’s become a vicious circle – the more it hurts to poop, the more they hold back, the harder the poop gets, and the more it hurts to go.1

Poor little love. No wonder they’re tired and cranky. Keep reading to find out what can you do to ease their fears and get things back on track.

Constipation and happy growth

Constipation is very common in young children who are changing to a new diet and starting toilet training. In most cases, it’s nothing to be concerned about and it will resolve itself quickly once your child is happy and secure that having a poop won’t hurt.1 With a few dietary changes, a little exercise and some gentle toilet training techniques, things will soon be on the move again. There’ll be an end to the potty patrol, and you can move on to more pleasant dinner conversation!

Get things moving2

  • Ensure they are drinking enough water2
  • Probiotics such as L. reuteri have been shown to increase the number of weekly bowel movements and help soften stools2–4
  • Ensure they are getting the right amount of fibre to help make their poops softer – try oats, apples (with the peel) and whole grains 1,2,5
  • Encourage them to exercise with plenty of walks2
  • Create a toilet routine. Encourage them to take their time on the toilet after meals and use a stool to provide leg support if you’re not using a potty. 1,2

Remember, everything starts in the tummy and grows from there... when they feel right, they can enjoy all the ways of Growing Up Happy.


IMPORTANT NOTICE. NESTLÉ® LACTOKID® 4 is not a breastmilk substitute, and is formulated to support the changing nutrition needs of healthy young children older than 3 years.