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On the way to Master Chef

Cooking can be so much fun for a child… and what a playful way to introduce ingredients to your little one! They can use them and make a dish of their own – woah! – and to learn a healthy approach to food. Who knows, the result might even be scrumptious! They may also discover a new passion and maybe even a future profession!

Cooking or baking together is a fun bonding activity that helps your child to get familiar with new foods. Little ones are also more likely to taste meals that they have proudly created themselves. Establishing healthy eating habits and a strong bond and trust with your little one is essential for their healthy and happy growth.

A few tips on cooking with your kid:

  • Choose very simple and fast recipes (at their age, patience is not a child’s strength).
  • When possible, go together to shop for ingredients or pick them from the garden.
  • Let your kid choose what goes on the plate (healthy options).
  • Use this time together to engage verbally: explain what you are doing and why.
  • Remember to praise them for a good job and for helping you.
  • Enjoy a family dinner together at the family table.
  • Show how you, and the whole family, enjoy the meal – let me hear that ‘yummy’!

The next step is Master Chef!

Remember everything starts in the tummy…when they feel right, they can enjoy growing up happy!