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A teddy bears picnic

Include your little one in planning a surprise Teddy Bear’s picnic and watch how their planning and preparations build into great excitement and reward.

Mom, dad, planning a surprise together is a fun, bonding activity that helps your little one experience the pleasure that comes from selflessly giving to others. Numerous studies have shown that giving to others puts a smile on the face and happiness in the heart.

The picnic can take place either indoors or outside. All you need is…

  • Your child’s Teddy Bear/s
  • A big blanket and some pillows.
  • Stuffed animals to enjoy in Teddy’s surprise picnic
  • Some yummy, and fun food that Teddy (your child) likes to eat
  • Simple activities that your child will engage in
  • Books – for a short story time after eating

Remember everything starts in the tummy…when they feel right, they can enjoy growing up happy!