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PLAYING: Tips to spend more quality time with your child

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Tips to spend more quality time with your child

“I wish I had more time with my child”. We know that life can seem as if it is simply flying by but spending quality time with your child is important.

We often wish that we could just pause those happy moments with our children and never let them go. But you can capture and continue those moments. 

As your children get older the more memories they will remember over time. As a parent it doesn’t take going over and beyond with activities or parties to get quality time you’re your child or children, however, it’s the simplest things that matter.

Suggested ideas include making a list that will help you map out what you would like to do with your child and including them in some activities you partake in.

5 mins to read Apr 16, 2019

Here are some “tried and tested” tips to help you spend more quality time with your child.

  • Spend time with your child, as simple as that.
    It is so simple to just sit and watch cartoons with your child while sharing a packet of potato chips. It is indeed good that you have spent time with the little one, but the time spent needs to be “quality”. Though it may be good to be present, it is even better to be interested and involved.
  • Do daily activities together.
    There are somethings that our little one can’t do just yet, like chopping an onion, but surely your 4 year old, can crack an egg, and whisk the flour, water, sugar and milk to make the perfect scone. Try to bake, cook, or clean together as this also helps with team work later in life.
  • Turn off the technology- whether it is your phone, tablet or TV, turn it off, even if just for a little while every day. Technology can be extremely distracting. Your child does notice when you are distracted, rather turn off technology for a little while, and focus your attention on your child.
  • Put that “to-do” list aside once the day is done- Acknowledge what you have accomplished for the day and then spend some time with your kids. Silence and time alone with your kids can be extremely liberating and forms a bond. So go ahead and give yourself a well-deserved break!
  • Take time to notice every milestone of your child’s development, while your child is with you!- Be conscious of your child’s smile and laugh, how your pre-schooler’s hand feels in yours, the funny faces they make when concentrating, or when your child is running around the house when it is actually bath time. The best moment is when your child is super excited to tell you about an achievement in their life. For example: received a star from the preschool teacher for good behaviour. Take your time to listen to their achievements as this empowers them to achieve more.