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Now performing... Family sing-a-long!

Whether you’re a karaoke master or just love singing in the shower, it is time to share your love for singing with your child! Singing songs is not only a great way to teach them about tone, beat and rhythm; it is also great for family bonding and just feels good.

Singing together strengthens your relationship and stimulates your child’s emotional, social, cognitive and language development. It also stimulates the well-being and happiness of the whole family.

Our tips to prepare for this great moment:

  • Choose the favourite songs of each family member (including your child’s).
  • Use different occasions to sing your favourite songs: while walking in nature, driving in the car, or simply sitting in your living room.
  • Do it even if you are not a great singer! It is all about having fun and laughing about it.
  • Do not forget to praise everyone – including your little one – for their singing efforts.
  • Make it an enjoyable family moment, and maybe it’ll become a routine.

Remember everything starts in the tummy…when they feel right, they can enjoy growing up happy!