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"No" means "No"

At times you might find it hard to find the right balance between being fun and implementing limits and boundaries. Even though you love your child unconditionally, discipline is necessary for your little one’s stable growth.

Your child needs rules and boundaries to feel safe and secure and it also helps them learn to manage different situations. A warm and supportive environment, with clear rules and boundaries fosters happy and healthy growth

While you know that establishing and maintaining rules at home is important, it is often challenging to say ‘No’ and remain consistent… so here are a few tips to make it easier:

  • Keep it simple. Too many rules are confusing for the whole family.
  • Set a few clear, realistic rules and respect them yourself.
  • For example: no sugar after brushing teeth; we all eat at the table; we don’t raise our voices at each other.
  • Repeat to your little one that you love them unconditionally, but rules must be respected.
  • Remain consistent, no matter how challenging it might be (no means NO and stays NO – be strong!).
  • Explain in a simple way the WHY of every rule or decision you make. With time this will help your child understand

Remember everything starts in the tummy…when they feel right, they can enjoy growing up happy!