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54 months Milestone

My new language skills are expanding my world

4 mins to read Feb 8, 2022

Children’s language development go hand in hand with their intellectual ability. As their working memory develops and they learn to keep more information in mind for longer, their sentences become longer and more complex. 

As a result, they learn to connect ideas and start using transition words (connectors) to join phrases together. For example, “I ran home and I got there just in time” or “I ran home, but I was still late”. 

They also typically use because to indicate that something resulted as a consequence of something else, for example, “The girl was upset because her jacket got torn.” 

Another direct consequence of their growing intellectual abilities is that children become ready to engage in word play, jokes and friendly teasing as their fifth birthday approaches.

Tip: Fantasy play

One way to teach children to follow a storyline is to create little plays and invite them to be part of the production by adding sound effects. 

The easiest storyline (that children love) is where an animal meets a series of other animals, while on their way somewhere. 

Here is an example: Once there was a lonely donkey. He went for a walk. Before long, he met Duck. Duck said “I swim well and I go ___ “ (let your child say ‘quack-quack’). “Can I go with you?” asked Duck. “Of course!” said Donkey. And on they walked together. Add more animals in this way, such as cow, horse and monkey. End your story with: “They came to a big field. Everyone played together and Donkey wasn’t lonely anymore!”