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45 Months Milestone

Your child is learning to use those little hands 

Your child’s fine motor skills are developing. They are now able to pour water from a jug. 

4 mins to read Feb 8, 2022

They can learn to undo buttons and trace on a line with few deviations. Many children learn to fasten buckles and some even try to lace their shoes at this age.

Hand preference often emerges at this age, however, left-handed children may develop hand preference somewhat later, and this is perfectly fine. 

Another exciting milestone that children typically reach during the six months before their fourth birthday, is learning to use a pair of scissors to cut a circle, while stabilising and turning the paper with the supporting hand and staying within 1 cm of the line at least ¾ of the way.

Tip: Cutting 

To help your child remember to keep their thumb facing upwards while using a pair of scissors, you can draw a little smiley face on the thumb nail. 

Then simply say, “Smiley up and elbow down!” to help your child develop good habits as he or she practises scissor cutting skills.