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PLAYING: Three ways to help shape a child’s mindset by what we say

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Three ways to help shape a child’s mindset by what we say

When a child struggles to master something, we can encourage a growth mindset.

5 mins to read Feb 10, 2022
  1. When a child struggles to master something, we can encourage a growth mindset by saying, “It seems like it’s time to try a new strategy” or “I think it’s time for a new plan of action”.

When we respond in this way, we send the message that we believe that they can achieve different outcomes by making new choices.

* It’s not beneficial to say, “It’s okay. Maybe this just isn’t your cup of tea!” or “Don’t worry. Maybe you’re just not cut out for this!”  These comments create a fixed mindset because they send the message that we don’t believe a child can improve.

  1. When a child says, “I can’t do this!”, we can respond by saying, “The truth is that you can’t do this …. yet!”

Dr Dweck advocates that we can transform “I can’t do this” from being filled with despair, to being full of possibility, by simply adding the word yet.

*It’s natural for anyone to experience a level of frustration when it’s difficult to master a new skill.  However, as parents, we can reframe the situation for our children. When we do this consistently, approaching challenges with a growth mindset will eventually become second nature to them.

  1. When you want to express appreciation for a job well done, try saying, “I love watching you do this!” instead of saying, “Wow! You’re so smart!” or “You’re a natural at this!”

Drawing attention to inborn talents doesn’t contribute to the development of a growth mindset. It’s better to emphasize that it’s important to us that children enjoy doing something to the best of their ability, regardless of outcome.

*When we label children as being exceptionally smart or talented, we unintentionally place unhealthy pressure on them. Then, the next time they don’t win or impress, they may think they do not have that talent after all, and lose interest.


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