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Let them choose what they want to long as it's the good stuff!

Tonight, let them decide what is on the menu and little by little, you will be helping them develop their personality! Not to mention, that all the options you are giving are healthy, one way or another!

Decision-making is a big milestone in your little one’s journey and by giving them the freedom of choice, you’re helping them develop their personality and supporting their balanced and happy growth.

Here’s a fail-proof way to make sure your child has at least one good food a day.

  • Ask them if they’d like broccoli OR carrots along with their potatoes for dinner. Now that’s a pretty difficult choice for someone who isn’t a big fan of vegetables!
  • But they can’t say “none”. They must choose one.
  • You could also take them along when you go shopping and let them choose vegetables that they would like to have for dinner. Once they decide which ones to pick, they can’t change their mind about eating them at dinner.
  • By providing your child a choice between several options (while making sure they’re all healthy), you increase the likelihood of them accepting the one they chose.

Remember everything starts in the tummy…when they feel right, they can enjoy growing up happy!