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Introducing... my kitchen turned into a recording studio!

Learning does not always come from a book or a teacher… it also comes from exploration. Your little one can learn a lot about sounds and shapes from any safe household items that you can find in your kitchen… time to shine light on that old frying pan hiding at the back of your cupboard!

Learning through exploration and play is crucial for healthy development – a building block for a happy childhood and later a happy, creative life. Here are our tips to encourage them:

  • Give your little one everyday household items in different shapes (pots, dishes, carton boxes, wooden
    spoons), textures and materials.
  • Make sure the objects are safe (no sharp edges, fragile or dirty objects).
  • Let them discover the sounds different objects make when you hit them.
  • To make it more fun, invite the entire family to join in!

Your child will be learning that different materials and shapes produce different sounds. They will also figure out the consequences of their actions in their social surroundings, so be prepared when they look at your face to see whether you are startled, angry, surprised or happy. This kind of play teaches them about the social consequences of their behaviour.

  • Be expressive in your reactions “(oh it’s too loud!)”
  • Do not stop the game instantly, but give several notices before you gently take the spoon away
  • Give them alternative objects that make less sound

Remember everything starts in the tummy…when they feel right, they can enjoy growing up happy!