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Golden Hour

An e-mail here, an InstaStory there… coping in a fast-paced world means we get easily distracted and lose track of how much quality time we are spending with our kids.

If this sounds familiar, we suggest introducing our “golden hour” into your daily routine, where you set aside one hour of time, dedicating it to engaging with your little one, either through play or other activities. Switch your electronic devices off, forget about your work and try to relax and enjoy!

Did you know that spending quality time with your little one can strengthen your relationship while stimulating their emotional, language, social, cognitive and motor skills? Finding or scheduling a golden hour in your day may be challenging, but it will mean so much to your child. A little effort from you can go a long way

By introducing this dedicated time for your child daily, you will create a space for precious quality moments. So… phones off. Let’s turn Play Mode on!

Let your child choose what they want to play or do and encourage their choice.
Try to promote physical activity and outdoor play as much as possible to stimulate physical and cognitive development.
Talk to your little one while you are playing to stimulate language development.
And as always, show your love, be attentive and responsive.

Remember everything starts in the tummy…when they feel right, they can enjoy growing up happy