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It’s All Good, Mum!

With carefully selected grains, each NESTLÈ® CERELAC® infant cereal is crafted with delicious ingredients that your baby needs to blossom.


Made from carefully selected grains.

• Our CHE* process means NESTLÉ® CERELAC®
is easy to digest and gentle on little tummies.
• Ideal for weaning your baby onto solid foods
• Yummy taste baby loves

*Cereals Hydrolysed Enzymatically

In the first two years your baby
will experience amazing growth
in so many ways.

1.5x in height


Babies move up to

1km in a day

Ensure that you support their journey with
NESTLÉ® CERELAC® at every stage

NESTLÉ® CERELAC® is packed with
delicious ingredients for growing children

Carefully selected
cereal grain

suitable for
all meals

A variety of

Got questions about your baby's iron needs?

NEW NESTLÉ® CERELAC® 500g Now available instore

IMPORTANT NOTICE. A well-balanced diet, both during pregnancy and after delivery, helps sustain an adequate supply of breastmilk. Exclusive breastfeeding is recommended during the first 6 months of life followed by the introduction of adequate nutritious complementary foods, along with sustained breastfeeding up to two years of age and beyond. As babies grow at different rates, seek advice with your health professionals on the appropriate time when your baby should start receiving complementary foods.

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