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Big chair for a little one

Your child is a new member in the family club, and they deserve their place at the table too! Your little one means the world to you and having them at the dining table during a meal is yet another way to make them feel included.

Enjoying a family meal together increases the likelihood of a child accepting and trying new foods. It’s a simple and effective way to stimulate social and emotional development. Not only is it quality time for the entire family, but it’s good for the family’s happiness too (especially your little one).

It It’s best to try and establish as many occasions as possible (several per week) when the entire family sits together at the table to share a meal and chat

A few tips:

  • Install your child’s “high chair” at the table, whether it’s a booster seat on one of the dining chairs or a taller chair.
  • Let them taste the food, smell it, squish it between their fingers and smear it on their face. It’s all part of the adventure!
  • It’s important that you show how much you and the rest of the family enjoy the food.
  • A little praise goes a long way too… it’s also necessary to praise them when they taste new food or enjoy what they eat.
  • Be patient and tolerant! Sure, the meal could be a messy affair. But be patient and tolerant; we promise it is all worth it!

Remember everything starts in the tummy…when they feel right, they can enjoy growing up happy!