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Baking memories

A simple and fun way to get your child to eat more healthily is to involve them in the food preparation process and enjoy cooking together.1 Children are far more likely to try something they have helped to make. They are curious about the world and keen to learn how things work, so use this to your advantage. Be a role model and help your child to learn about healthy eating.

Cooking together is fun for boys and girls. It will teach your child important skills that will set them up for a lifetime of healthy, adventurous eating. It produces a tangible product – a meal – that your child can be proud of. It creates lots of positive associations – it was fun to make and something they did with you, creating memories.

Relax and enjoy cooking together

Kiddies are never too young to turn their hand to cooking. After all, they are already experts at making play dough ice creams and mud pies in the sand. There are plenty of simple activities that can be delegated to little helpers (with your supervision, of course):

Jobs for small hands

  • Washing fruits and vegetables
  • Helping to measure out ingredients with cups or scales
  • Knife-free fruit & vegetable preparation
  • Mixing ingredients with a spoon
  • Scrambling eggs
  • Adding toppings to a salad or pizza
  • Kneading or rolling dough
  • Wrapping dumplings
  • Brushing marinade on meat or vegetables

Remember, everything starts in the tummy and grows from there... when they feel right, they can enjoy all the ways of Growing Up Happy.

IMPORTANT NOTICE. NESTLÉ® LACTOKID® 4 is not a breastmilk substitute, and is formulated to support the changing nutrition needs of healthy young children older than 3 years.