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How to help baby’s tummy problems

Baby tummy problems? If only they could tell you what’s wrong. Until we locate a baby whisperer, here are a few ways you can help an unsettled baby.

5 mins to read Oct 23, 2020
  • Try “bicycle legs” to activate their little digestive system.
  • Try giving them a warm bath.
  • Try clockwise tummy massages after a bath to help move things along. Read our checklist on how to give a baby massage. []
  • If they seem colicky or uncomfortable, try feeding little and often. Read our checklist on what to do if your baby has colic for more tips. []
  • Try burping baby after every feed until they seem more comfortable.
  • Try burping halfway through feeds.
  • Try different feeding positions to find out what suits baby best.
  • Try carrying baby upright, perhaps in a sling after a feed, if they are colicky or uncomfortable: 15 mins is a safe bet.
  • Try cool boiled water between feeds if they are constipated.
  • Talk to your healthcare provider (HCP) if you think your baby could be reacting to a certain milk.
  • Talk to your HCP if you’re concerned baby’s tummy problems could be caused by underlying illness.
  • Consider your own diet if you are breastfeeding. Talk to your HCP about how your diet could be affecting baby.
  • Talk to your HCP if you’re worried your baby might be lactose intolerant.
  • Consider if your baby might have tongue-tie. Some babies are born with it and it can affect their feeding if left untreated.