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How to give a baby massage

Baby massages are great for getting baby ready for bed and soothing tummy troubles. Find out what to do with this baby tummy massage breakdown. Now you can put “baby masseuse” on your CV, alongside “super mom”

2 mins to read Oct 23, 2020
  • Choose a time when baby is relaxed. After their evening bath is good.
  • Buy some baby massage oil/coconut oil.
  • Prepare all your massage equipment before baby’s bath, when your hands are free.
  • Get a clean, soft towel on top of the baby mat.
  • Make sure the room is warm enough, 24°C is ideal.
  • Dim the lights if it’s getting close to bedtime.
  • Put some relaxing music or lullabies on for those sleepy cues.
  • Remove any rings or bracelets.
  • Make sure your hands are warm.
  • Undress baby and lay him on a soft towel on a baby mat.
  • Pour a generous amount of baby massage oil on your hands and warm it in your palms.
  • Start at baby’s feet. Stretching and rubbing his toes.
  • Work up baby’s legs and gently rub and squeeze his muscles. Support his ankles with one hand.
  • Work your way to baby’s arms. Support his wrists with one hand.
  • Finish with a chest and tummy rub. Use clockwise circular motions on his tummy to aid digestion.
  • Talk to your baby softy and tell him what you are doing.
  • Keep eye contact as you massage baby.
  • Don’t rub or squeeze baby too hard.
  • Stop massaging if baby doesn’t enjoy it. Not all babies do.
  • Stop massaging if baby falls asleep.
  • If the massaged hasn’t solved baby’s tummy problems and you’re worried, read our checklist on how to help. []