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Architects of their own life

Today on the playing program: building blocks! There are no limits to their imagination. Let your little one play with building blocks or stackable objects… they will be soon be showing you their engineering skills

Did you know that these types of games boost creativity and provide a better understanding of structure and spatial dimensions? Who knew these games were so helpful!

Keep in mind:

  • Give them stackable objects such as blocks or boxes.
  • Show interest in what they have built and engage in spatial talk. Describe their creation with words such as tall, short, circle, rectangle, round, straight, inside, outside or middle.

End of the story? Don’t think so! Time to tear down those walls! Knocking the creation down is just as much fun as building it and teaches consequences of actions.

Exaggerate your expressions when they look at you, searching for a reaction. No matter if you feel startled, angry, surprised or happy, the point is to let them know the effects of their actions.

A few points to keep everyone happy:

  • Avoid letting your child “tear-down” playing games with older siblings while they are building something. This could create tension.
  • Bear in mind that knocking down a construction is not a destructive quality, it’s simply an inherent need to learn how objects behave in space.

Remember everything starts in the tummy…when they feel right, they can enjoy growing up happy!