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PLAYING: Questions to ask at your 12-week scan

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Questions to ask at your 12-week scan

Finally, your 12-week scan is here! This pregnancy scan is an important one. It can also be very emotional, so it helps to have a list of questions pre-prepared. It’s easy to forget things when you’re in front of the monitor.

5 mins to read Oct 23, 2020
  • Ask what clothes you need to take off for the scan. If it’s your first time, there’s no harm in asking.
  • Ask for a cover-up to protect your modesty! You might want to avoid playsuits or jumpsuits on scan day as they’re a bit exposing.
  • Ask what they look for in the 12-week scan if they haven’t already had this explained this to you.
  • Ask if baby is developing normally.
  • Ask if you are able to get a picture before they start scanning—hospitals often have different policies about printing scans to keep.
  • Ask the sonographer if they can to record the audio of the heartbeat on a phone.
  • Ask if the fetal heartbeat sounds normal.
  • Ask about the accuracy of fetal heartbeat phone apps.
  • Ask when your next scan is and what you can expect.