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A strong foundation for your growing child

Young children often aren’t the best eaters – as parents will tell you, many avoid new tastes, love processed foods and pull their noses up at green vegetables. But nutrition is especially important in kids’ early years – it’s when they form healthy eating habits. And the nutrients they get lay the foundation for healthy growth and development later on. 

NANKID® 4 contains several essential nutrients for young kids’ growth, making it a premium drink for children aged 3-5. It’s the ideal supplement to healthy meals, ensuring that kids get the nutrients they need most for growing and building that nutritional foundation. 


Optimised protein (source of protein) : Proteins are the building blocks of life and an essential part of a growing child’s diet, and the latest research shows it’s the quality and quantity of protein a child gets that matters. NANKID® 4 supplies the right quality and quantity of protein for a growing child.

Cultures: NANKID® 4 contains the naturally active cultures B. longum and L. rhamnosus which are also found in yoghurt. They help to build a balanced immune and digestive system. 

Omega Smart: This is a special blend of fats found in NANKID® 4 that include omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which support brain development and vision when consumed as part of a balanced diet. 

Build a strong foundation for life – give your kids NANKID® 4.