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Iron Calculator


How old is your little ones?

0 - 6 Months



Hello Mom, hello Dad!

Did you know that ...

  • IRON deficiency is the main cause of anaemia?
  • Your baby needs over 5 times more IRON than you?
  • IRON is important for your baby's cognitive development?
  • Your baby needs 11mg of IRON daily if he is above 6 months old?
Try it now!

Check your little ones dietary intake of IRON with The Nestlé IRON Calculator!*

  • Select your little ones age.
  • Select the food of your baby's diet on an average day from these categories:
    CERELAC Little 1s
  • Add complete food servings to the basket by clicking on and (Eg: By clicking + you will be adding 1 full serving)
  • Click on "Next Category" to get to the next food category.
  • Click on "Calculate" to find out your little ones daily IRON intake.

* This tool only estimates the IRON intake and not the other nutrients. It by no means, replaces medical diagnostics of your little ones iron intake.
For a balanced diet, please follow your paediatrician/nutritionist’s recommendation.

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